Types of visa in Malaysia

Types of visa in Malaysia

We have discussed different types of visa in Malaysia, an icon in Asia, is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Many people such as business men, government or non-government officials, tourists, students and intended immigrants are eager to enter in Malaysia for quenching their desires. For their ardent needs, Malaysian government took initiatives to classify the visas for the welfare of the Malaysian as well as foreigners. Government of Malaysia has divided visas into three categories which are described below:

Single Entry Visa:

Single Entry Visa means that only one person is permitted to visit Malaysia. It is mainly allowed for tourists who want to travel Malaysia for purpose of tourism. The length of stay is normally three months and the validity of visa will also be expired within three month. Single Entry Visa fee is mandatory. It is not permissible to enter in Malaysia unless he/she pays the visa fee. Visa fee varies from country to country depending upon geographic location of the respective country around the world. For example, Bangladeshis are required RM 20 for Single Entry purpose. On the contrary, Japanese are free to enter. Passes play a vital role in immigration purposes in Malaysia. It is one sorts of endorsement in the foreigner’s passports for staying short terms visit such as tourism, social visit, and conference, competition and business purposes. A form called IMM 55 should be filled out at the time of entry. Single Entry Visas holders are not allowed to involve in any form of employment. Employment is strongly restricted in this status.

Multiple Entry Visa:

This type of visa is really diversified in its quality and it gives a privilege of staying in Malaysia for a long time. If any visitor wishes to stay in Malaysia more than three month, he/she must apply for Multiple Entry visa. Multiple Entry Visa usually lasts for at most one year. After the expiration Multiple Entry Visa status, expatriate are compelled to return to his/her own country and there will be no extension of stay. It is notable that holders of Multiple Visa Entry are not allowed to stay in Malaysia at a stretch rather they are only permitted for 30 days at a stretch and after termination, holders of the same bound to return to his home land.

After returning to his/her own country, they are eligible for another 30 days. Multiple Entry Visas are usually issued for business purposes and Government-to-Government issues. Visa applicant must have sufficient fund during his/her stay in Malaysia and must have a valid return air ticket so that both sides(Malaysian Govt. and visitor) can be safe and sound. Fees are also imposed in this case. Bangladeshi are required to pay RM 20, U.S. citizens are to pay RM 6 and Japanese are free for this entrance. Engaging in employment is strictly prohibited in this case.

Transit Entry Visa:

Transit Visas are Visas issued to those who want to enter Malaysia legally on transit to other countries. Transit Visas are not applicable to those who don’t wish to leave airport premises and continue their journey to other countries.

Student Passes:

Besides these, students have high privilege to study peacefully in Malaysia. A student passes is required to study and stay in this country. If a student wishes to pursue his study, he/she at first must get admitted to the accredited university. After evaluating the documents, the accredited university will send offer letter directly to the student. Then student should fill out IMM 14 form and send it directly to the institutions along with passport and other necessary documents. The respective educational institution will scrutinize all documents and will send a passes by which students are legally permitted to stay, study and work part-time in Malaysia.

Permanent resident policy in Malaysia: People living in Malaysia continuously for five years can apply for permanent resident to Malaysian Immigration Department . This process is lengthy and may take several years to justify your status. Aliens married to Malaysian citizen, the length of permission would be 10 years and the applicant must be sponsored by a Malaysian citizen. This process is easy and the qualified candidate will obtain a permanent visa status if Malaysian authority realize that he/she is qualified enough for this motive.

Malaysia My Second Home:

These measures are taken by Malaysian Government for foreigners on some criteria who have intentions to make Malaysia as a second Home. Initially, they are allowed to live in Malaysia for 10 years and can move anywhere without hindrance. They can also bring their spouse, children under 21 years of age with them.

Malaysian visa on the alien’s passport means prestige and pride. People have a keen interest for visiting and living in this marvelous country which has an outstanding performance in developing its economic condition. Malaysian is still leaving no stone unturned for the development of their own country and people around the world are taking this opportunity to invest their hard labor, money and intellectualize. That’s why, we often watch on the T.V screen quoting “Malaysia is truly Asia”.


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