How to register a company in Malaysia online

SSM office-authority to register a company in Malaysia
SSM office-authority to register a company in Malaysia

If you are looking to start a new company and have decided to invest in Malaysia then you have made a wise decision. Over the past decade or so, the economy of Malaysia has seen a stellar rise . And it is fast becoming one of the most profitable countries to do business in inside Asia. 

No matter what kind of business you are planning to do in Malaysia, you need to register your company. Many entrepreneurs looking to start their business often struggle with registration process. As a result, this article will let you easier for registering a company in Malaysia. Any companies register through approval of SSM, Companies Commission of Malaysia

Shareholder and eligibility

Type of companyShareholder Eligible
Private Limited Company1-50
Public LimitedUnlimited
Sole Proprietorship1


Type of companyShare capital
Private limited company 2 to 500000 (Ringgit)
Public limitedUnlimited
PartnershipAny amount as agreement
Sole Proprietorship Any amount


Type of companyRegistration duration
Private limited company5 days
Public limited10 days
Partnership2-3 days
Sole Proprietorship2 days


Type of companyCost
Private limited company4000
Public limitedContact us
Sole Proprietorship2000
How to register a company in Malaysia A-Z process
How to register a company in Malaysia A-Z process

100% foreign ownership

In Malaysia, there are two types of business categories will recommend to form. The first one is 100% foreign ownership, capital need 500,000. If you are looking to get into the import and export business then you need a paid up capital of RM 1 million. The same digit applies for opening a restaurant or any sort of trading business.

Join Venture

Capital, RM 350K recommended if the business is a joint venture company with a 51% ownership. This is applicable for the Malaysian partner. There is no more authorized capital as amendment.

Company Name

All companies, whether local or foreign ownership company registration done by SSM. Over there, the first step of registering a company is Propose "Name Approve". You need to adhere the rules of naming for your company. They cannot contain any of the restricted words as provided by the CCM.  Final company name should end with the term “Sdn Bhd”.

Why name is Sdn Bhd

Sdn and Bhd are Malayan terms called private limited. For instance, name should be ABC SDN BHD in replace of ABC LIMITED. Once registration complete, a number will put as identity. That is your official document, correspondences as well as your business card.  All the forms and instructions of the CCM are in English language for global investors.

Online submission

Once you have cleared out the naming rights you will need to prepare documents to submit SSM. The first thing you need to provide is the names of all your shareholders and details.  According to the Company Act of 1965, at least 1 share holder need to form a company . 2 shareholding company is good for banking and decision making.

Particulars of company

Proposed company nameCONSULTING FIRM ASIA SDN. BHD
Lodging reference no.ACN031020181316402
PurposeNew Incorporation
Company typeLimited by Shares
Sub TypeSDN. BHD.
Incorporation Date08/10/18
Registration Number1298464-H
General Nature of businessAs Code
Business DescriptionConsultancy
Registered Address A-13-03, Tropicana Avenue, PJU3, Malaysia
Emailsecretary at sfconsultingbd dot com
Office No. 0378860995
Fax No.NIL
Business AddressA-13-03, Tropicana Avenue, PJU3, Malaysia
Office No.0378860995
Fax numberNIL

Particulars of directors

Director nameMr. Smith Michal
ID TypePassport
Date of birth09/06/1985
Emailinfo at sfconsultingbd dot com

Lodger Information

NameNur Amira
Prescribed BodyMAICSA
License no.17809....
AddressA-13-03, Tropicana Avenue, PJU3, Malaysia
Emailsecretary at sfconsultingbd dot com
How long takes to register Sdn Bhd company?

3-5 days. If propose name reject will take longer.

How many shareholders need for form company?

1 shareholder at least.

How many licenses need apart from Incorporation?

Signboard, Premise, Export, Import, Halal, Environment as need.

Can foreigner hold full shares of company?

Yes can, foreigner can hold full shares of own company.

Do I need to present in Malaysia to form company?

Not necessary. You can register staying overseas.

What is Sdn Bhd stand for?

Sendirian Berhad (Malay) , English meaning Private Limited.

Can foreigner register sole proprietorship?

No, can not. Only Sdn Bhd company can register.

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