Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Choosing a company secretary is an open way to explore foreign business endeavours. Having a trustworthy replacement is crucial because you might not be present in every location all the time.

They ensure compliance with local regulations and assist in the management of administrative and legal issues.

The services SFM Consulting Firm offer

  • Organize AGMs, handling agendas, minutes, and communications.
  • Provide legal, financial, and strategic advice.
  • Advise leaders on corporate governance matters.
  • Stay updated on regulations and policies, and communicate with auditors and shareholders.
  • Implement systems for efficient management and compliance.

Why Choose SFM Consulting for Company Secretarial Service?

  • Our experienced professionals know the ins-and-outs of the company management process
  • Not required to train them 
  • Enough knowledge of today’s technology
  • Capable of handling each and every administrative service 
  • All works of SSM and corporate compliances

SFM Consulting Firm creates a clear path of navigating new market where foreign investors reveal the immense opportunities to grow and tackle the administrative and legal challenges with an ease.



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