Things to do in Malaysia

Suppose you are in Malaysia, and this is your first visit here. Sipping your morning cup of coffee at the hotel, you must be wondering what you can do next. You must have already prepared your little list of things to do in Malaysia. So, before unwrapping your own to-do list, you should at least have a fair knowledge of this nation.

Malaysia lies at Asia's south-east tip, on the Gulf of Thailand. Its geographical trail spread throughout the Borneo Island and the Malay Peninsula. The country is well known for its tourist and financial-based capital city Kuala Lumpur. Its geographical placement offers beautiful beaches, well-preserved rain-forests and fabulous landscapes.

Reminding you that this country has a lot to offer. All you need is curiosity, motivation, enthusiasm and financial backup. once fulfilling these criteria, you are good to go for some exploration. If you still don't know where to begin, this article should give you some useful leads.

In summary, if you look around, you can see that there are plenty of things to do in Malaysia. So, here are some fabulous things you can do during your stay in Malaysia.

Visit architectural wonders

Malaysia has some very renown iconic architectural buildings you cannot ignore. On top of the list, you have the very famous Petronas twin towers, Menara KL Tower and National Mosque. The iconic Petronas twin towers will give you a hind of architectural charisma. You should also consider the skywalk over the bridge between these two towers.

The National mosque can give you knowledge about the marvels of Islamic architectures. Menara on the other side tops the twin giants. The panoramic deck situated at a height of 276 meters will give you a delightful glance of the city life. It should not be difficult to find these architectural wonders in Kuala Lumpur.

Visit the cultural and historical towns

When wondering about things to do in Malaysia, you can’t miss visiting historical places. Through that you get a better grip of Malaysian culture and history. With that in mind, your next visiting destination should be the historic city of Melaka. Situated in Malacca, this unique port area was once occupied by Portuguese traders. It was one of the earliest and biggest trade destinations in Southeast Asia.

The city is not operational for the old purpose anymore, but the old heritage was well preserved. The Melaka city is now a great tourist destination and recites a great deal of history. Don't forget to visit galleries and museums to dig deeper into the past.

Georgetown is another historical area lies in Penang state. The town has a rather modern touch with colonial fusions. The city is in the list of UNESCO'S World Cultural Heritage site. This town has traditional villas, pubs and cafés. It is a great destination for both historians and travelers around the world.

Find out local cuisines

Are you a foodie? Do you have the interest to test the local cuisine wherever you visit? Then get ready with your fork and dagger because Malaysia has many delicacies to offer.

Local cuisines reflect the mixed cultural diversity of Malaysia. For instance, for a big meal, go for Nasi Kandal, Nasi kerabu, Mee goreng mamak, or Peranakan cuisine. One of those servings should be enough to please your appetite at any given course.

Those mouth-watering items have rice, soup, various vegetables, fishes and meat toppings. Roti John, KuihIf or Apam balik are rather lighter meals. You will prefer them on the go or on your evening table. When looking for snacks you got, Kaya toast, Goreng pisang, Wonton mee, Ketupat etc.

Climbing and hiking through nature

If you are more of an adventure lover, Malaysia has a lot to offer, as there are several things to do in Malaysia that raises adrenaline rush. Trekking through the Taman Negara national park should be in your top wish list. Taiping garden in Perak state, on the other hand, offers you with lush and ancient faunas.

Maxwell hill at Taiping is less known among tourists. This hill station at the altitude of about 1000 ft. is an idol destination for trekkers. If you are a trained mountaineer, summit and conquer the pick of Crocker mountain range at Kinabalu Park.

Sunbath and Snorkeling

Malaysia is also famous for its pristine sea beaches. The blue water and yellow sand came together to paint the paradise on earth. Whether it’s the Redang Island or Langkawi island, those islands of Andaman sea have a lot to offer. If you visit as a couple, expect to return with some lovely memories and stories in your bucket.

Both Redang and Langkawi island offers crystal clear water, perfect for underwater snorkelling. You will experience schools of fishes sweep past of you and colorful yet clam world under the sea. Without any doubt, it will be an unforgettable experience. So, grab these opportunities to rejuvenate yourself once step foot into those beaches.

Cable cars, Sky bridge & theme parks

If you visit Langkawi don't forget to take a ride on the cable car. The sky bridge starts from Mount Machingchang. A 15 minutes ride of the cable car will give you a panoramic view of the whole island from above. While on the way to the cable car, don't forget to stop by the Sky Bridge. Located at the Pantai Kok, this bridge is high enough to give you a lot of thrills. The birds-eye view of the Island from the bridge will mesmerize you every time.

Theme parks like Legoland, Sunway Lost World of Tambun, or Sunway Lagoon theme park are on the top rank. You can also count on Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. It is the biggest indoor theme park in Malaysia. There are various other amusement parks in Malaysia built upon vast areas.

So, next time if you are ready to sway around with your friends and family, now you know where to go and what things to do in Malaysia.

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