Business opportunities during Covid pandemic in Malaysia

Covid-19 put world trade into jeopardy. Malaysia couldn’t skip this blow as well. Big Businesses felt into huge losses and waiting for an uncertainty. Meanwhile global economy is in great crisis, few business opportunities during Covid pandemic in Malaysia is still thriving.

Some entrepreneurs have managed to bring success even when Covid-19 put a total halt on other businesses. We had opportunities to meet with some of those successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia. They have shared their tricks and gave tips for useful business ideas that can run with success in covid-19 pandemic.

Based on those chitchats, here we discussed some of these ingenious entrepreneurship opportunities during Covid pandemic in Malaysia.

Disinfectant and PPE manufacturing

Cleaning and disinfectant businesses are at their peak hours during Covid Pandemic period. Keeping that in mind disinfectant and PPE products manufacturing can do a great business in Malaysia. However, it must be kept in mind that there are many well-known industries already involved in this particular field. So if a new entrepreneur wants to enter into this market he/ she has to equip with newer, better and more effective products to attract maximum clients.

An additional income can be brought in this sector through cleaning service. If the business have potential or skilled human resource who are particularly skilled with cleaning and disinfecting services, an entrepreneur should deploy them for good business at this moment. Using them the owner can open cleaning business, at the same time can run marketing campaigns of the disinfectant and PPE products of the company, which is also at the lowest expenditure.


When most of the commercial giants are falling apart, ecommerce seems to be moving on a different track. With the ever increasing demands of regular items among people locked up in their own house in Malaysia, ecommerce sites seem to be the only convenient and safer option to deliver their daily needs.

From regular groceries to vital medications, ecommerce platform has the reputations to narrow down the distance between you and the market. Moreover, this is the most optimal way to order and get products without even moving your foot out of the house. 

Ecommerce business is one of the fastest thriving businesses here in Malaysia in covid-19 crisis time.  Ecommerce businesses at this time are not only doing good for itself but also pulling up many other corporate fields from the ditch as well.

Such as delivery businesses, product supply chain, farming and many more. As a result, e-commerce business in Malaysia not only meeting consumers demands, but also helping out farmers, manufacturers and many more in this national crisis scenario.

Online consultancy

In the consultancy business, when physical offices are all shut down due to Covid-19, owners and entrepreneurs equipped themselves to provide online consultancy to their values customers. Person to person or business to business consultancy on various professional fields have increased quite a folds during this lockdown time, Thanks to various online platforms such as Skype, zoom etc. 

Lockdown due to COVID-19 might have caused limitations in social freedom, but the demands for expertise and experiences always seems to be valuable no matter what the out situation is in Malaysia. With that in mind, online consultancy eventually grown great and turned out to be a prospective business opportunity during Covid pandemic in Malaysia when many other businesses are struggling to pull up with their losses.

Live customer support

This field involves online customer care and client support. This is a thriving business in present situation. Whether health support, or any other security query which calls for law and enforcements, the online customer support agencies are at high demand now.

Like many other nations, Malaysia has national online customer support and help desks to deal with Covid and general patients as well as other citizens seeking various other information. Most of these online based support hubs are responsibly linking patients with medical personnel, and individuals with required services. Some of these services are even providing clients with on-demand advices as well as emergency social services. 

Online tutorial services

This is a genius business initiation where entrepreneurs came up with tutorial services on online platform. Social websites such as Facebook, YouTube etc. are their primary medium. These services keeps in account various academic and professional skill development courses for wide range of pupils not only in Malaysia but all around the world. Interested users can join those online classes through paid subscription packages.

Benefit for this type of business is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of resources, financial stability or huge premises spaces. All it takes is a smart phone or camera equipment materials and a small space at the corner of a living room.

However, online teaching demands expertise and firm knowledge on the academic subjects. If an entrepreneur can fulfill this criteria, he/she can easily start making and live tutoring business. This can ultimately generate good revenue even during this dry business season due to covid-19.

Encourage home office for employees

As pandemic has engulfed the regular social curriculum since the early months of 2020, many businesses decided to run their corporate curriculum from home. Remote business management is not an alien idea.

Many have embraced this concept and encouraged company employees to work from for the office but from the safety of their home. Turned out that, it is one of the wise idea to keep going with the business even when social distancing and lockdown outside is in place.

It is from that mind set, can be stated that, remote work opportunity for employees and staffs, and encouragements for home office sustain business and boost corporate opportunity and sustainability even when world outside is infested with diseases.

Last words

Thriving business in Covid-19 pandemic is difficult. Not all businesses have the opportunity to do well during this lockdown period. People however, slowly started to come out from their cocoons now. In Malaysia, lockdown has been withdrawn pretty long ago.

Scientist are putting their highest affords all over the world to come out with the final remedy from this pandemic disease. However, it will still take some time before world can finally run in full throttle again, and entrepreneurs can come out worry-free to seek for the best business opportunities here in Malaysia.

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