Technology company in Malaysia

As Malaysia is on the highway of economical progression, a great deal of this progress comes from a technology company in Malaysia. A big portion of national revenue comes from tech industries in this country. Need not to say that the demand for technology companies in Malaysia is inevitable and ever increasing in present market.

Why tech-based companies have big demands in Malaysia?

Many multinational companies are setting up their headquarters and regional stations every now and then in this land. Competitions between these companies in Market place are obvious. To maintain healthy competition technological support is inevitable. The constant time management, automation in manufacturing and office management is vital in order to keep in this competitive market. Therefore, local and international businesses are constantly seeking for better ERP, CRP, office optimization software.

The demand for security and company management software is ever growing. Big businesses are demanding constant technological and software supports. They often look for tailored or Bespoke software for their business that is non-identical to software operating in other companies. As a result, not a single technological company in Malaysia seats idle.

Manufacturing industries that accommodate heavy automated machineries and computed equipment, constantly need digital support and electronic equipment backups. Vehicle and home appliance manufacturers in Malaysia constantly need convenient and more reliable sources that provide digital, software, and equipment spare parts support.

Technical niches that has strong demand

Malaysian technological profile has several specific niches. These differentiate end products that comes out from these companies. Some give out knowledge and technical advisory services and software support, whereas others supply hardwires and spare parts such as electronic chips, circuit boards, resistors, semiconductors, etc.

List of technology-based companies in Malaysia

We have schemed out some technology businesses with their respective focused field in Malaysia. Each of these technology company in Malaysia put great efforts at a constant basis to cultivate the technological profile of this nation. Whether any company needs technological, digital, software or equipment support, these companies along with several others are standby to support and assist in Malaysia.

Not only they meet national demands but all these tech-companies readily support multinational businesses and industries.  So, no further delay, here is the list of those technology-based companies:

Technology Equipment

  • Aemulus Holdings Berhad
  • Cabnet Holdings Berhad
  • Elsoft Research Berhad
  • I-Stone Group Berhad
  • Industronics Berhad


  • Excel Force Msc Berhad
  • Eduspec Holdings Berhad
  • Appasia Berhad
  • Asdion Berhad
  • Iris Corporation Berhad


  • D&O Green Technologies Berhad
  • Frontken Corporation Berhad
  • Globetronics Technology Berhad
  • Inari Amertron Berhad
  • Key Asic Berhad

Digital Services

  • Dataprep Holdings Bhd
  • Datasonic Group Berhad
  • Dagang Nexchange Berhad
  • Diversified Gateway Solutions Berhad
  • Kronologi Asia Berhad

There are many other technology-based companies in Malaysia which are not mentioned in the list above. Yet, the number of tech-based companies are rising in Malaysia. Each of these technology company in Malaysia is running in full throttle. Need not to mention that they are directly contributing to major establishment and development of the country’s digital network, automation engineering, and economic growth.


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