Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia - SSM Service and Details

SSM, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) also known as the Companies Commission of Malaysia. SSM belongs to the department of Ministry of Domestic Trade. With the aim of regulating corporate and business affairs, the legislative body was established in 2002 under CCM Act 2001.

The primary function of SSM is to incorporate companies and register businesses in Malaysia. The commission opened SSM e-Info Services. Through SSM e-service anyone can know business information through its website.

The SSM is one of the most important body working for the development of corporate governance. Moreover, it also deals with supervising activities to make sure proper compliance with business registration and corporate legislation is maintained.

Functions of SSM

SSM ensures that the requirements of the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act and laws are properly managed and implemented. SSM acts as a representative of the Government and offers services in administering, gathering and enforcing payment of prescribed fees. It regulates issues about companies, corporations and businesses in relation to the law (CCM Act 2001).

SSM carries out research and commission studies on any topic related to corporate and business activities. SSM needs to advice minister on matter that is related to corporation, business and companies under CCM Act 2001. You can find more details of SSM function on their official website.

Why should you register your online business with SSM?

  • You can conduct your business legally.
  • Registering business with SSM will boosts the confidence of customer.
  • It also makes it easier for users to check business information.
  • The presented business details will help the government for supporting the development of business community and prospects.
  • Only a registered business is allowed to apply for a Malaysia gateway.

Requirements for SSM Registration in Malaysia

Every business organization and individual must meet necessary requirements to register business under SSM. However, for the successful registration of the company you need to meet some criteria, for example–You must be Malaysian citizen and must have permanent resident in Malaysia.

However foreign investors can also register their business under the basis of difference law. Foreign investors need permit visa to incorporated a business in Malaysia. An individual must meet the requirement below to register a business in Malaysia.

  • You must be above 18 years old or above
  • You must register your business within 30 days from day of incorporation.
  • You must conduct the business maintaining all the rules and regulation, if you perform any unlawful activity within your business your business license will be terminated immediately

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Register SSM — online vs offline

You can Register your company through online at You can also register manually at any branch of SSM in Malaysia. If it’s your first time registering a company in Malaysia you should visit SSM branch for the registration process.

If you have any question related to company registration you can ask the officer at SSM counter. You can apply for Ezbix Online service If you want to modify your business details by using online systems.

SSM Malaysia Registration services

SSM is responsible for making sure that updating corporate information is carried out correctly and according. SMS Company Registration section deals with name search of companies, the march of companies, general documents preparation, etc.

The Business Registration section deals with registration of new business.  For example, the registration of Sole Proprietorship or joint venture, trade name registration, registration for changes in business activities, business address, business type, etc.

It’s not always easy to register a business in Malaysia. There is the various process that you need to conduct in order to register a company. Mostly foreigners face many difficulties registering the business in Malaysia.

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