Serviced office Malaysia

When foreign entrepreneurs plan to set up business in Malaysia and contact the consultant for advising first of all is required office of business. Renting serviced office Malaysia being cheapest is preferred by nonresidents. Any place is Malaysia may find virtual office in suitable location as many service providers offering for the same.

Location: Which area is suitable for your business is your own decision, as all places seems similar development. Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru are recognized areas where many foreign offices are located.

Price: As serviced office Malaysia is NOT costly (Ringgit 110, 120, 130, 140/ month) only as well as desk rent price might be RM 800, 1600, 2000, 3000 for 1-6 staffs sitting arrangement (work station).

Facilities: Free WiFi, meeting room (conference) use as business meeting, use address, local phone number, reception, parcel receive and mail delivery and notification.

Office requirement: To start a new business, office and address is required at the beginning as prior requirement of new SDN BHD (private limited) company registration.

Desk/Work Station: If you like to rent only work station/ desk for your staffs in ready office is possible and might get by lucrative price (RM 1000 to above) depend upon number of staffs. You do NOT need to purchase furniture, air condition, light, carpet, carry expenses of bill etc.

Price comparison

SFM CONSULTING FIRM/ S & F CONSULTING FIRM: 1 (One) Desk Cost :Ringgit 800, 4 (four) Desk: Ringgit 2000-2500

Rigus: One Desk Cost: Ringgit 1500-2000, 4 (four) Desk: Ringgit 5000 and above

Serviced office Malaysia in low price and will be allowed to use address, phone number but meeting room to be used for business meeting is NOT free, will be added charge as per meeting (RM 10) as example and meeting time shall not be more than 30-60 minutes, if meeting hold more than that time will be charged additionally and this is real fact. Where as SFM CONSULTING FIRM/ S & F CONSULTING FIRM LTD offers FREE business meeting 5 days in a month for their respective customers.

Choice upon you.


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