Heritage and Culture of Malaysia

The establishment of various cultures and traditions from Malay, China and India formed the country of Malaysia. These 3 countries are the main indigenous background of Malaysia. Malaysia is a unique country for its various influences and its landscape. Malaysia up to date is considered as the best tourist spot among the whole world. Malaysia is a country of diverse culture and tradition and a country which celebrates various other countries auspicious days. Due to its various ethnic groups in the country for a long time, the country knows how to handle and make these traditions sustainable as a part of Malaysian culture.

Heritages of Malaysia

Malaysia has a long history, which offers the nation with rich heritage and culture. The specimens can be seen through its fabulous architecture, sport events, media and holiday celebrations.


There are various forms of heritages in the country. Arts and music as a very long tradition in the country. The arts have been an inspiration for their country’s architectural sector. Malaysia has various large world wide considered architectural buildings. The Malaysian architectural sector is explicit, the buildings are especially famous in Kuala Lumpur. It has a complex mix of elements including Islamic design, colonial control and Asian traditions. The Malaysian architecture always has quite a confusion with exterior and interior structure since the country has quite a conflict with their environmental structure.

The architectural style in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur the construction is done with the mix of old colonial influences along with the combinations of Asian traditions, Islamic Malay inspiration and modern mix. Between the 19th and 20th century itself colonial buildings were built in Kuala Lumpur. The buildings which were built during that period had Mughal, Tudor, Neo Gothic and Grecian-Spanish style of architecture. Later these styles were changes according to the climate which is hot and humid all year.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s there was independence in the country which during the period there was fast growing economical growth in the country. It was that time the country gradually changes its construction in a Malay style.

The country has been able to develop huge buildings such the famous tallest twin buildings in the world known as “Petronas Twin Towers”.  The Twin Tower has been the best example for the country’s global emerging economy for new industry. It is expected in the country that there will be further changes, construction such as The Gardens, Four Season Place, The Pavillion, Lot C of KLCC and other constructions might take place for the country’s future projects.


Malaysian media is very popular and it is also famous for tie up with UMNO party. UMNO is United Malays National Organization which is where the country’s main news paper is produced and owned by the government and political parties in the ruling coalition. Apart from Malay newspaper there are also circulation of other newspapers such as English, Chinese and Tamil. But the media in Malaysia appears to be negative in Indonesia and due to this media conflict between the 2 countries Indonesia and Malaysia, the media has been divided into 2 in Malaysia. In the peninsular part in Malaysia the media showcased has less importance compared to the eastern part of Malaysia.

The media of Malaysia is mostly involved with politics. The media of Malaysia mostly consists with the activities such as press and journalism and due to the threats taking place in media, job opportunities in this field apparently reduced and parents also do not allow their children to study media in Malaysia. In 2007 there was a refrain made in radio stating that there will be no comments by the political party mentioning about the any political functions.

The Printing Press and Publication Act has been stated has the Act of freedom expression. Because of this act the government was able to control the situations in media.


The film making in Malaysia consists of 5 stages. The 1st stage which occurred in cinema was during 1933 when the production of “Laila Majnu” which was the 1st movie in Malaysia produced during World War II, the directors who directed the film are from India and Philippines. The 2nd stage is the film which was locally directed by Permatadi-Perlembahan which was produced in 1952. These however was an utter failure. The 3rd stage was starting a studio in Singapore where during the 1950’s a film was made although eventually the film had to be dropped out and the industry was damaged because of independence in Singapore. during this period Indonesian films gained popularity and from Indonesia there was a small group of filmmakers who wanted to make films in Malaysia. The 4th stage was in 1980’s where the local film industry in the country started eventually developing and following by the 5th stage which was a meaningful stage of Malaysian’s film industry. it was the stage where the films had a very good response which included films which were not Malay.

Later in 1975, the government of Malaysia started created the National Film Development Corporation. The government always considers films which shows various cultures and censors’ films which involves in sexuality. But in the end of the day the government favors only Malay culture over other cultures.


There is no much tradition or traditionally recognized sports in Malaysia. Some of the most recognized sports in Malaysia are badminton, bowling, football, squash and field hockey. The other famous sports in the country are dragon dancing, dragon-boat racing, scuba diving, sailing, whitewater rafting, trekking and other water sports activities.

Some of the traditional sports in Malaysia are; Wau which is a traditional kite flying sport by an individual designing their own kite and flying it, next is Sepak Takraw which is a rattan ball game kept in air which touching the ball with hands this is a traditional game played during the rich harvest season.


The holidays in Malaysia are very much observed in the country. Since the country is full of multi-culture the country gives importance to various culture and traditions where an individual need to celebrate. The holidays in Malaysia are mostly for religious celebration where most of the holidays are related to Muslim since they are highly considered in the country.

Malaysia is a country of variety; it is a country recommended to visit. Apart from its food, religion, festivals and other factors. The country has a lot more based on its multicultural ethnicity. It is country with a lot of influence and history and mainly a country which can function this multi-ethnicity with peace and harmony.

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