ezBiz online business registration portal in Malaysia

ezBiz is an online business registration portal in Malaysia. This online portal is completely maintaining and controlled by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). and this online portal is completely not 100% online. The SSM ezBiz online portal will not be completely online especially for people who have not started their own company. In order to have an SSM account, it is advised to visit the SSM directly. It is manual to visit SSM at least once so that ezBiz account will activate.

ezBiz is an online business portal which is made by SSM. This helps in registering the company. It also has additional features such as;

  • New business registration
  • Changes in business particulars
  • Termination of business
  • Purchase business information

ezBiz is another was counter transactions. This online system is much easier and simple to function. Accessing this online portal is easy and not complicated. ezBiz online portal is available every day for 24 Hours.

How to use ezBiz?

  • First you need to go to the ezBiz online registration page and register in ezBiz online.
  • Choose NRIC as the ID type
  • Key in the number of Identity Card (IC)
  • Fill the name according to the IC given

Once you have completed filling the above information you need to visit once to the SSM office so that the business registration can be completed.

ezBiz online fee payment:

  • Personal Name is RM30.00 per year (this is same for business renewal also)
  • Trade Name is RM60.00 per year (this is same for business renewal also)
  • Branch’s fee is RM5 per year for each branch (this is same for business renewal also)
  • Alteration in Business Particulars is RM20.00
  • Business information is RM10.00
  • Termination fee – None to pay

The mode of payment can be done for business registration, change of business particulars or business renewal. The payment can be made by using Credit card or FPX (Financial Process Exchange) which is banking service done online.

Who can use ezBiz online?

  • A person who wants to start a business can use ezBiz online
  • It is required that the owner of the company must be a Malaysian or a permanent resident of Malaysia.
  • The owner of the company must be 18 or above and not lesser than the legal age.
  • You need to be affordable to own a business
  • When you directly meet the SSM your registration of business will then be completed.

Where to find ezBiz portal:

Once when you try to find out the online business portal in Malaysia, it is most likely to find out ezBiz. Even once if you search for ezBiz, then automatically the results of ezBiz website will come. After a search, the registration page will automatically appear once you click on the portal link. You can then type your username and password in the appeared link. But if you have not yet registered then you need to click on the sign Up button to register your company. Finding ezBiz is not hard, you can find it when you automatically want to register a company online.

Requirements and steps to register a company at ezBiz online:

  • Candidate name
  • ID
  • Business address
  • Requirement of business branches details
  • Specify the business
  • Declaration of business
  • Payment to be done
  • Payment mode
  • Email notification and confirmation

Changes in business registration steps are;

  • Change of business name
  • Business type
  • Change in branches
  • Same mode of payment to be done as first registered in business.
  • The button pressed/ ticked must be precise and correct according to the type of business.

Key points of ezBiz:

  • It is easy to use this SSM online portal.
  • To do online registration you need to own a business.
  • SSM ezBiz online portal is not a 100% online registration.
  • It is recommended to visit at least once directly to SSM.
  • This online portal is created by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).
  • The registration cannot be done by foreigners outside Malaysia.
  • Th registration can be done by a citizen of Malaysia and also a permanent resident of Malaysia.
  • There is fee payment for this online business registration.
  • Registration of business also includes additional services such as alterations and termination of a business.


What is ezBiz online portal in Malaysia?

It is an online portal for business registration in Malaysia

Must this be done directly?

It must be partly done directly where you need to meet SSM to complete the business registration. Since it is not a 100% online registration there is a requirement to have direct contact at least once.

What is SSM?

SSM means Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. SSM is the one which created the portal of ezBiz.

Is there a particular type of business where they can only register in ezBiz?

NO, there is no particular business requirement to register in the online portal.

Can a foreigner register in ezBiz Malaysia?

NO, they cannot register online in Malaysia. Only Citizens and PR of Malaysia can register.


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