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Home to the world-renowned Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia is a country that has caught everyone’s attention! It is a country blessed by mother nature. Its golden sandy beaches and sky-high mountain ranges boast the natural beauty of Malaysia. Not only is the country blessed with the wonders of nature, but it also has a solid infrastructure. Malaysia is also a nation that owns a rich and vibrant culture. Many cultures in the country unite to drive the nation towards success. Hence, it is fair to call Malaysia, the wonder of Asia.

There are many reasons why people are drawn to Malaysia. Tourism is one of the main reason’s expatriates flock to the country. It is one of the country's main sources of earning foreign currency. Other than that, we find expatriates come to Malaysia to live & work. In short, Malaysia is an ideal country for migration.

The economy boost creates many job and business opportunities in Malaysia. Expatriates need a visa to enter the country. It may be a tourist visa or business visa. One such Visa is the DP-10. It is a type of visa that allows an expatriate to live and work in the country. There are many benefits to obtaining DP-10 Visa. You will understand the subject better by the end of this article.

DP 10 visa in Malaysia is also known as the Professional work visa/Employment pass (EP). The validity of the DP10 is 1 year up to 12 years. Malaysian Government issues the DP-10 Visa to highly skilled foreign workers. It allows expatriates to work in Malaysia. In the first part of this article, we will brush up on DP10 visa details for an employee. Later on, we shall discuss the employer’s role in getting this visa.

These are the categories that high-skilled foreign workers fall under:

Key positions

  • A top Management position in a foreign-owned company
  • In-charge & responsible of company’s interests & investments
  • Responsible in deciding company policies & goals

Executive Positions

  • Professional/middle management positions
  • Responsible in implementing company policies & training of junior staff

Non-Executive Positions

  • Highly skilled
  • highly qualified

IT Professional, Teachers, Medical Practitioners, nursing all fall under skilled professions. You need to have a University degree to be in these careers. Depending on your skills & work contract you can apply for a visa under three main categories:

  • Employment Pass – Visa issued for technical and managerial jobs. Validity is a minimum of 1 year & renewable annually. Issued to highly skilled foreign workers.
  • Temporary Employment Pass – validity is less than 2 years for jobs with a monthly salary less than RM.5000
  • Professional Visit Pass – validity is 6 months, renewable. Issued to professionals who are not employed by a Malaysian company, but whose service is required by a Malaysian company. This is a temporary visa.

Requirements to full-fill to get the DP 10 visa in Malaysia

Eligibility to obtain the DP 10 depends on your education and experience. Not all can qualify for this program. You also need to be between 27-50 years of age at the time of submitting the application. But the IT sector may apply for workers who are 23 years and above.

The passport of the applicant should hold the validity of at least be 18 months. Most importantly, you must have an appointment letter from the Malaysia company. Unless you have a job offer as such you will not be eligible to apply for the DP 10 visa Malaysia.

What are the Advantages of a holder of DP 10 Visa in Malaysia?

Malaysian government only issue this visa under special circumstances. The company recruiting you will apply for the DP10 on your behalf.

There are many benefits for a person who holds a DP 10 Visa:

  • If you are a holder of this visa, then you are able to sponsor your family. You can accommodate your wife & children under family sponsorship.
  • Your wife can not only enter the country but also can find employment in the country as well.
  • The children can attend schools in Malaysia & you may live a happy content life.
  • You can apply for a Malaysian Driver's license. If you hold a valid driver's license in your home country then you can convert it to a Malaysian License.
  • Most of all, if you plan on migrating to the UK, Australia, Canada or the USA, holding a professional visa in Malaysia will be beneficial to you. For instance, Australia issues a 3-month work visa to DP-10 holders. That is to allow the person to explore the country and look for employment. The success rate for visa approval in those countries have a higher success rate for DP-10 visa holders.

These are details concerning an individual who intends to come to Malaysia under DP-10 visa.

On the other hand, if you are a company that wishes to employ a foreign worker under DP-10 visa, then this is what you need to pay attention to.

The Malaysian government has stringent rules & regulations when it comes to issuing DP-10 visas:

  • As a company owner, you must convince the ESD (Expatriate Services Department) that you have a vacant position that requires a highly-skilled worker. Also, you must give evidence that there are no Malaysians qualified enough to fill the position. Hence, you are recruiting a highly-skilled foreign employee. If you are able to satisfy the authorities then they will grant you permission to hire foreign employees.
  • If it is an Sdn Bdh Company (a local private limited company) you must have a minimum paid-up capital amount between RM.250,000- RM.1,000,000

A Company must register under the ESD to use their services. There are certain criteria a company must fulfill to register under the ESD:

Your company must be registered at:

  • Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • The Malaysian Registry of Society

Paid up Capital:

  • 100% Local: RM. 250,000
  • Joint Venture (30% maximum foreign owned): RM. 350,000
  • 31%-100% Foreign owned: RM. 500,000

After submitting documents and everything is in order, then the ESD will issue an approval letter & calling visa. This allows the employee to enter Malaysia.

A company has the option to file for a visa on their own. However, most companies seek help from consultancy firms to assist them in obtaining a DP-10 visa for their employees. By outsourcing such services, you can save time, money and unnecessary hassle. S & F Consulting Firm is geared with knowledge and expertise in visa matters. By choosing to use our services, you can be sure that visa processing will be done professionally. All you have to do is forward us the necessary documents of the employees & we will take care of the rest!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents necessary to process the DP 10 visa in Malaysia?

  • All Documents must be scanned and sent in either PDF or JPEG formats.
  • Color copy of Passport (Including details page)
  • Color copies of educational certificates/credentials
  • CV / Personal Resume
  • Passport-sized photo on blue background

What is an i-Kad?

Once you get the confirmation on your professional visa, the authorities issue an i-Kad card. It acts as your Malaysian expatriate Identity Card which you may use to travel within the country.

How long does the process take?

The whole process will take from 12-16 weeks for completion.

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