Business for sale in Malaysia

Do you know why so many potential entrepreneurs are searching for business for sale in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur? The answers are simple. It is really easy and simple to acquire any Malaysia business and most importantly, the opportunities to flourish are great when you take into account all the macro and micro economic factors of the strategically located nation in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, the reason why so many potential entrepreneurs are interested in Malaysia because in terms of ease of doing business, the country ranks fourth in Asia according to the World Bank Group’s most recent ‘Doing Business’ report. By taking advantage of the country’s first-rate infrastructure, proficient banking system and financial services sector, skilled and multi-lingual work force, any prospective entrepreneur can secure a bright future in Malaysia.

Since you are looking for a business for sale in Malaysia, it will be prudent on your part to be aware of the diverse business opportunities on offer and find out which type of business people are buying at present.

A travel agency is considered quite popular nowadays since Malaysia has transformed into a business hub with ever growing number of people travelling to and from the country especially for their business needs.

If you can tap into this market and serve the travelers in some manner, your decision to buy a travel agency will bear fruit in a short span of time. Since a travel agency does not require a huge sum of money and it is easy to operate, it has become a smart choice for many potential entrepreneurs in Malaysia of late.

Here are the list of popular businesses which are often raised for sale in Malaysia:

  • Tourism business
  • Fashion business
  • Fast food joints or food courts
  • Internet business
  • Electronic Repair business
  • Products retail business

Business for sale in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Tourism business

The tourism sector is also a lucrative destination for prospective business owners in Malaysia. The facts and figures do not lie. In terms of tourist arrivals, the country ranks ninth in the world while the Travel and Tourism Competitive Report of 2017 places Malaysia in the 25th position among 141 countries.

Depending on the size of your budget, you can acquire a hotel or resort to serve the tourists who arrive in Malaysia on vacation. You also have the option to buy a small business enterprise that produces various souvenirs and collectibles for tourists or offer tourism related services as well.

Fashion business

If you want to buy a business in the fashion industry, you will be glad to know that Malaysians are extremely fashion conscious and spend quite a lot of money on what they wear and how they look. You should be practical enough to gather in-depth knowledge of the local fashion scene so you can cater to the people living in Malaysia.

With numerous fashion outlets being set up around the country, the prospect of running a fashion house has become really promising with the rising income of the citizens of Malaysia.

Fast food joints or food courts

For quick turnover with minimum capital, many potential entrepreneurs choose to acquire fast food joints or food courts in Malaysia. The fast food and quick serving restaurant industry is flourishing because more and more people eat out in order to accommodate their busy lifestyle.

Since it is relatively inexpensive to buy a fast food business in Malaysia and the profit margin is really high, many potential business owners are attracted to this sector and have been successful to expand their business overtime.

Internet business

The internet business is where many potential business owners are heading in Malaysia primarily because of the country’s talented workforce. The labor cost in Malaysia is considerably well below other Asian countries as well.

Since services like website design and development, online and information marketing are in great demand by all the business entities trying to compete in the digitalized value-driven market, the internet business opens the door to huge opportunities in Malaysia.

Electronic Repair business

The Smartphone and PC repair business has become quite profitable for any potential entrepreneur simply because the use of such devices is growing by the day. Surveys have revealed that over fifty percent of Malaysian adults have access to a PC or use a Smartphone. Therefore, the possibility for business to repair these devices has been on the rise in the country.

Products retail business

Since Malaysia is a growing market for oil and gas products, you should be interested to buy a business in this sector. If your budget is small, then you can operate as a retailer for different types of oil and gas products like petrol, lubricants or liquefied petroleum gas. In case your budget is large, you have the option of buying a gas filling station in Malaysia.

Whether you are interested in setting up offshore operations of state-of-the-art technological products or small businesses like a travel agency, fashion house or a gas filling station, you will be happy to know that there are only three procedures involved in establishing a business which usually takes under a week to complete.

After you send an application to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), you will know if your proposed company’s name is available or not. Once you know it is available, the Company Secretary will prepare the company incorporation documents and file them with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) one-stop store.

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