Activities you should not miss during Malaysian trip

Malaysia lies at the South East tip of Asia. Geographically the country widens through the Borneo Island and Malay Peninsula with an approximate population of 32 million. The nation offers varieties in cultural and religious. However, the religion that is followed here at official level is Muslim.

This country is well known for its tourist culture. There are several activities you should not miss during Malaysian trip, apart from business hub located at the city Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The country offers impressive biodiversity and tropical nature along with proportionate distribution of modern urbanization. So, naturally once you are in Malaysia, you can see lots of offer ready to be explored here in this nation. It might be hard for many to figure out from where to start your activities in Malaysia. See no further, as this article figured out some of the top activities you should not miss during your Malaysian trip.

The list of those activities has been illustrated below:

Visit famous architectural structures and buildings

When you are in Malaysian trip, get ready to visit some of the gigantic iconic buildings. At an initial row we have the famous Petronas twin towers, Menara KL Tower and National Mosque. The iconic Petronas twin towers will give you a hind of architectural strength of modern world. It is the tallest structure of Malaysia and comes in rank among the league of skyscrapers in the world.  National mosque on the other hand, will give you a good insight about marvels of Islamic architecture in Malaysia. Menara on the other side tops the twin giants for its antenna that increases its height to 421 meters. The panoramic deck situated at the height of 276 meters at Menara KL tower will give you a delightful bird eye glance of the city life. It should not be difficult to find these architectural wonders once you have landed in Kuala Lumpur.

Beach activities and Snorkeling

The country is equally renowned for its crystal clean sea beaches. The blue water and yellow sand came together to paint the paradise on earth. Whether it’s the Redang Island or Langkawi island, those islands of Andaman sea have a lot to offer. If you visit as a couple, expect to return with some lovely memories and stories in your bucket.

Both Redang and Langkawi island offers crystal clear water, perfect for underwater snorkeling. You will experience schools of fishes sweep past of you and colorful yet clam world under the sea. Without any doubt it will be an unforgettable experience. So, grab these opportunities to rejuvenate yourself once step foot into those beaches.

Go for a hike

Malaysia has a lot to offer to meet your adrenaline rush as the geographical diversity has lots of hill tracks and lush green tropical forests to wonder around. One of such hiking and trekking destination is Taman Negara national park. Trekking through the Taman Negara national park should be in your primary wish list as the well-managed gullies, hills and streams through the captive tropical forests are perfect for adventure lovers and will surely mesmerize you in every now and then. Another spot is Maxwell hill. This is located at Taiping and is somewhat less known among tourists. This forest paradise has lush and ancient faunas. The Maxwell hill station is located at the altitude of about 1000 ft which makes it perfect destination for trekkers. In case for a more hardcore adventure enthusiasts, summiting the Crocker mountain range at Kinabalu Park is advisable, of course, with a condition of having prior experiences on hiking hills and mountains.

Visit historical locations during Malaysian trip

If can get a better grip on Malaysian culture and history through the historical city of Melaka. It is Situated in Malacca, a port area once occupied by Portuguese businessmen. It was one of the well-established trade hubs of Southeast Asia. Although the port is not operational for business purpose for ages but the old history has been well preserved and portrait in modern days. The city is now a great tourist point. Once you are in this town, you have various galleries and museums from where you have a chance to get a better knowledge of the past.

Another historic location is known as the Georgetown. This town is situated at the Penang state. The town has a colonial touch throughout the townscape. This city is listed under UNESCO'S World Cultural Heritage site. The town has traditional villas, pubs and cafés, and is a fabulous location for all sort of travelers.

Delight your teste bud with local cuisines

Are you a foodie? Do you have an interest to test the local cuisine wherever you travel? Then get ready with your fork and dagger as Malaysia has mouthwatering delicacies to offer. Various local cuisines reflect the mixed cultural diversity of this country. For instance, for heavy meal, go for Nasi Kandal, Nasi kerabu, Mee goreng mamak, or Peranakan cuisine. One of those servings should be enough to please your appetite at any meal time. All those dishes consist of rice, soup and various vegetables, fishes and meat toppings. KuihIf or Apam balik is comparatively lighter meals. You might like to munch those at your evening table. For snacks, Malaysia offers Kaya toast, Wonton mee, Ketupat and so much more.

Other exciting activities in this trip

The sky bridge at Langkawi starts from Mount Machingchang. It is a must recommendation to have a ride on those cable cars to get a fabulous glance. It is approximately 15 minutes long ride, and you will get to see a panoramic view of the whole island from above. The bridge itself at the interval of the cable car journey got some tourist attraction. The birds eye view of the Island from the bridge will amaze you every time. Malaysia has various theme parks. For instance, parks like Legoland, Sunway Lost World of Tambun, or Sunway Lagoon theme park are popular among local and international guests. If you are more of an indoor type person, the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is a great recommendation. It is the biggest indoor theme park in this country.

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