Accounting services Malaysia fees

Our accounting services Malaysia was started from 2012 only for the foreign investment companies. All companies have to submit accounting of loss and profit as law and government rules within 12 months. Preparing of journal, ledger and balance sheet of company upon bank statement and supporting documents is regular practice of accounting firms. Accounting services Malaysia fees vary on number of transaction and volume of total transaction. Although foreign accounting firms issue high changes than local accounting firms but all foreign accounting firms hire local, Malaysian accountants to prepare accounting for the customers.

Problems: Supporting papers from clients are not provided correctly and on time that is an issue to deliver whole accounting of a company by given time as accounting firms. Besides as our recommendation, do not book accounting firms in pick time June, July, December, January rather assign them on off time to reduce fees.

Note: Accounting preparation issue will come later, within 12 months from the date of company registration in Malaysia for foreigner.

Outsourced accounting services Malaysia

Yes, outsourced accounting services Malaysia is on demand as small and medium companies unlike to hire accountants for their company. Owner can hire two sales staff in place of one accountant and being software availability accountant hiring for same company’s interest is lower. As outsourcing many accounting firms and accountants, seasonal birds, can be assigned to prepare whole accounts of company by reasonable fees. Freelancing accountants are available on off period to be hire complete accounting of the company. But finding outsourced accounts are not easier if do not know who they are blessing for the company.

Problems: Owners unlike to assign stranger accountants to prepare their accounts of the company as many sensitive information might be passed. Referral by the reliable person is ok to be hired short period.

Accounting services Kuala Lumpur

Accounting services Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor and other cities are not big issue by the accountants and accounting firms but all company’s intention to hire someone who is neighbor and nearest. There is no way to avoid or skip from submission of accounting to government, so must need to hire the accounting professional to meet need.

Problems: Unless you hire audit firms to prepare accounting of your company the assigned accountant outsourced accounting might be in problems to be accepted by auditor. However this is minor issue as many companies are hiring outsourced accountants to prepare accounting as best solution. 


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