12 tips to run your own business in Malaysia

Running your own business is not always easy. You need to go through various sacrifices and must be your own slave in order to achieve the success in your dream corporation. This challenge is even harder when the market is full of top-class competitions. The competition which can be seen at a regular basis in Malaysian business environment. When the business scenario is this tight, as a new entrepreneur you might like to choose some clever trick and tips to run your own business in Malaysia.

We understood your needs and therefore discussed this very particular matter with some experienced entrepreneurs in Malaysia who are running companies successfully in this country for many years and are still going strong. They have revealed some fabulous yet convenient tips which might bring fortune to your new corporate ventures once you have successfully completed your business milestones in Malaysia. Below we have arranged 12 tips we have borrowed just for you from some successful business minds in town.

1. Find the right Business Niche for you

“Fish out of water”, did you ever come across of this popular phrase? Working hard in an environment you like the least will be no difference than a fish out of water. To be a successful business owner in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world, you need to find your preferable business niche first.

In other words, the Best way to achieve the success is to go for the niche you understand the best. If our working niche is common in market, find ways to expertise in that particular sector, so that you appear strong among the existing competitors from the very beginning of your business journey.

2. Gather experiences as an employee to grow as a boss

Low experience cannot go far as long as he/she is leading a company. So, if you lack experience, try to fill that gap. Join into some professional courses. Gather more in-field knowledges, observe employee and employer hierarchy and in office relationships.

Spend another year or two to gather deeper work experience and strengthen your work plot as an employee before you finally open a relevant business for yourself. Without sufficient experience in a particular field, your chance of excess expenditure and business failure is inevitable.

3. Know where to invest your money

You must keep in mind that Malaysia already have a competitive market. Here you can’t simply choose a business field, invest loads of money and expect immediate success. To see your company, grow, you must know well where you want to put your money.

Reliability, sustainability and stability are the three main pillars you must keep in account in a business. It is always wise to carryout proper analysis on these three attributes before investing your hard-earned money.

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4. Be a productive employee of your own company

When you are running your own company in Malaysia, you should not expect someone else will care more about your business then you do. Your employee might work just for their end of the month remunerations only, but when you work, you solely work for the progress of your company. So, be productive at your work in your own office.

Being an owner of a business doesn’t mean that you will seat in your office whole day ordering employees and see the company grow and flourish automatically. You have to work along with your employees at the beginning stage of your company and even when it is in full run to keep an account of everything in the business.

5. Be prepare for any uncertainty and risks

When you run your own business in Malaysia, you have to be standby all the time and keep your emotion at your grip. This is so because business in unpredictable, and sudden rise and fall of a business is not uncommon.

If unfortunate circumstance occurs in the business by any chance, you need to learn to face it with strong mind. Falling behind in such drawback is not an option, rather, during uncertainty, try to figure out the cause and buildup a risk management system for the company. Analyzing uncertainty and risk can give you a clearer business vision. 

6. Start strong with a sustainable planning and strategy

Malaysian business environment is already going through hard competitions. Therefore, you cannot afford to run a company that has weak planning and strategy. Weakly planned company can crumble at any time. Which brings bad goodwill of the brand you are trying to create in this country.

Nevertheless, sustainability in the company means, you have a planning that can go long way in the market. When this factor is present from the very beginning of your ownership, you can assure a stable business throughout its corporate timeline.

7. Strong determination and focused business

The planning of the business alone is not enough to determine the full flourish of your company. As an owner, you yourself need to have strong determination and your focus on the business should be sharp enough and visionary.

There might be many stages of your corporate timeline when you have to take hard decisions or right decisions for the betterment of your business career. At that time, you have to focus on the bigger picture with strong and ambitious determination to take any decision.

8. Improve and improvise

A person cannot be perfect. Improvement need to be brough within you. It is certain that you might have some drawbacks at behavioral and professional point of view.  If identified, why not improve that baggage? This will definitely put a positive impact in your professional career.

Improvising your business can be another key tip to go forth successfully with your business in Malaysia. Improvising can be made on the digital platform of your business, marketing strategy can be improvised for boosting market fields, and finally weak with the client handling strategy. Improvising this sector can definitely bring success while you run your business in Malaysia.

9. Be passionate about your profession

You have all the finance, and resource you need to run forward with your business, but if you don’t have the passion, affection and respect for your work, you cannot go too far with your resources. A business often works like a Lego.

You have to be a creative, and passionate mind, just like a small kid and need to build your business empire one block after another. If you lack passion for your work, this incremental building up is impossible, and again weak base of a company often breaks off.

10. Stick with the core plan till the end

Stick with your core business plan, no matter what situation might come up. Stick with the plan, if needed improvise the current scenario, work harder, may be overnight. You will see the success eventually. 

A good way to stick with your business plan is keeping a to- do list from the very beginning of your company. A well-documented planning will encourage you to go reach the target. Such targeted task can bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

11. Appreciate and utilize criticizes

Another interesting tip to run a company in Malaysia is to appreciate criticize regarding your business. Appreciating criticizes doesn’t mean you will simply accept those unwelcoming comments, instead, utilize those criticizes to strengthen and improve your product and service quality.

Critics often bring out the negatives of you and your company which you otherwise wouldn’t have aware of. Once the drawbacks and glitches of yourself and your company is out, try to resolve it. This will make your business one step better. 

12. Keep a good deal of patience

To run your own business in Malaysia you need a whole lot of patience. Success in business doesn’t come overnight. It needs sufficient sacrifices, time, money and dedications. Mostly the patience during business is mandatory which will lead you to long run in Malaysian corporate arena.

There might be instances where situation may grow that can dishearten you and you might lose the patience. Take a deep breath, and think rational in such scenario. Keeping patience during running a business will eventually be rewarding in long run.

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