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SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN BHD, Reg. No. 201601008804 (1179732-P) is one of the leading business consulting firm in Malaysia. Company was incorporated on 16th Day of March 2016 through SSM. Our main targeted customers are foreigners whom we inspire and encourage to invest in Malaysia in suitable sectors. Alhamdulillah, 300 plus customers have been engaged into our services till Sept 2023 and all of them are foreigners (main directors are foreigners). Every day we try to develop our services to make foreign entrepreneurs happy and enjoy our services as follows:

  1. Sdn Bhd Company Registration
  2. Accounting (through associate)
  3. Corporate Tax
  4. Free Business Advisory 
  5. Audit (through associate)
  6. Nominee Director
  7. ESD and Professional visa service for the directors
  8. Virtual Business Address and Ready Office Space/ Desk
  9. Export Import, WRT and Signboard License
  10. Company Secretary

Our Service

  •  LLC registration service
  •  Branch office registration of parent company
  •  Export and Import License
  •  Signboard License
  •  Company Secretarial Service
  •  Business license in Malaysia
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Why US?

  •  Expert since 2012
  •  Our professional service has different flavor
  •  Customers needs are given priority
  •  Our professional team members pay attention on customers demand and sort out the right solution
  •  Complete Business Solutions
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  •  Employment Visa and work permit assistant
  •  Virtual Office Rent
  •  Second (2nd) Home Program (MM2H)
  •  SDN BHD registration
  •  Business Advisory
  •  No hiddin cost
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Let discuss the process, time, cost, advantage and disadvantage of company registration Malaysia for foreigner.

  • Company Name and Registration : by online SSM
  • Ensure Paid Up (equity): No requirement unless apply for work permit.
  • Corporate bank account open: OCBC, UOB, RHB, SCB, HSBC
  • Rent an office with furniture to apply: Premise and Signboard License
  • Apply for EFP and SOCSO
  • Export/ import license: Make sure sample of goods, submit application and select port authority by approval
  • WRT: Might require for 4 types of companies
  • ESD registration and visa: ESD department Putrajaya
  • Apply for EFP and SOCSO
  • Export/ import license: Make sure sample of goods, submit application and select port authority by approval
  • WRT: Might require for 4 types of companies
  • ESD registration and visa: ESD department Putrajaya

Time: 1-2 days to approve proposed name takes normally as primary part of company registration Malaysia. Cost: Government fees+ Secretary fees+ Certified copies purchase by My Data+ Consultancy (Professional), Virtual business address and bank account open: Ringgit (RM) 3500

Sign Board and Premise: To apply for signboard and premise in local counsel might need 7-15 days if all supporting papers are OK. Rental agreement copy and real office furniture picture are must to be submitted along with other necessary papers.

Note: It’s not as like register a company by SSM (SDN BHD) and your job is done starting a new business in Malaysia! 

Required share holders: Minimum 1 (one) share holder is suggested to form SDN BHD company. In case of foreign+ local (Malaysian) share holders have many advantages to do business after company registration Malaysia.

Tax: Corporate tax rate is almost 15% to 20%, provided that if foreign share holders/ directors stay more than 300 days continuously in Malaysia can enjoy local tax rate. No income, no taxation.

Accounting and financial year: Every company has to declare financial year within short day of company registration Malaysia. Normally June & July, November and December are rush time to submit annual return. So, it’s suggested to fix financial year in free month to avoid high price of accounting and auditing services. As new law all companies have to submit return within birthday of company registration Malaysia.

Bank account open problems: Yes, opening corporate account is challenging in Malaysia for the foreign investors. Our guidance is really works and be ensured open business account in our preferred bank.

Expatriate/ Professional visa: Almost all, foreign investors plan to apply for visa as normal sense to take care business. But it’s not really easy to get visa unless follow steps and fulfil requirement. Government unlike to bring burden people in Malaysia so, its need to prove immigration people that you are asset of the country and company.

GST/ SST: If yearly bank / business transaction volume stand more than RM 500000 is mandatory to apply for GST of the company. Now no more GST as SST is replaced. SST is 6%.

As considering company registration consultancy service in Malaysia SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN. BHD. is one of the best foreign company registration and/ or incorporation consultancy service firm. It is sister concern of S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, a global renowned foreign company registration and/ or incorporation consultancy firm.

Our aim is help out the foreign investors to setup their business in Malaysia within frame of Company Act and foreign investment rules.

                                         WHY COMPANY SETUP IN MALAYSIA

Foreign investors As our guide line for company registration service in Malaysia you may know why investment in Malaysia? Malaysia is one of the best place of investment of Asia where IT, Food, Restaurant, Tourism, Garments, Manufacture, Real Estate, Electronics, Consumer goods, General Trading, Export and Import goods and others sectors are attractive for investment. Foreign entrepreneurs can incorporate company or business as private limited liability or register branch office of parent company.

Service terms and conditions

Considering trustworthy a service agreement shall be made between both parties before starting procedure of company registration service for the foreign customers.

                                 DIRECTORS OF THE COMPANY

There are two directors of SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN. BHD. namely MD. FORHAD HOSSAIN who is an M.B.A, LL.B and LL.M from reputed institution and MUNIBA HAQUE is a business graduate and committed woman for the customer service of the company. Both of them are the directors of S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED.

As SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN BHD is a sister concern of global foreign company registration consultancy firm, S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED. Our fee is reasonable for the foreign investors and can have opportunity of free consultation up on live chat with customer service team. We guide the foreign investors to register their business in proper way as guide line of Company Act.

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